Mini OLED for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Projects

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The Mini OLED is one of my favorite components for Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects that need a visual output. This display is very cheap and extremely versatile.

Advantages of the Mini OLED

Here are some reasons why you might consider using a mini-OLED display with Arduino or Raspberry Pi:

  • Better Contrast and Brightness: OLED displays emit their own light, so each pixel can be individually controlled for both color and brightness. This results in high contrast ratios and vibrant colors. LCDs, on the other hand, require a backlight, which can sometimes lead to lower contrast and duller colors.

  • Faster Response Time: OLEDs have a much faster response time compared to LCDs. This means they can display moving content, such as animations or fast-changing data, more smoothly without ghosting or blurring.

  • Wide Viewing Angle: OLED displays typically have a wider viewing angle compared to LCDs. This makes them easier to read from different angles without distortion or color shift.

  • Lower Power Consumption: OLEDs are power-efficient because they only consume energy for the pixels that are turned on. In contrast, LCDs require a constant backlight, which consumes more power, especially in applications that require the display to be on for extended periods.

  • Thinner and Lighter: OLED displays are generally thinner and lighter than LCDs, which can be advantageous in projects where size and weight are critical.

  • Flexibility: OLED displays can be made flexible, allowing them to be bent or curved. This can be useful in projects that require unconventional display shapes.

  • Higher Resolution: Mini OLED displays often have a higher pixel density and resolution compared to similarly sized LCDs, providing finer detail in your graphics or text.

  • Simplified Wiring: OLED displays usually require fewer connections to an Arduino compared to character LCDs or graphical LCDs, which simplifies wiring and makes the overall setup cleaner.

  • Great for Small Screens: Mini OLED displays are ideal for projects that require compact and small screens, such as wearables, IoT devices, or small gadgets.


The Elegoo Super Starter Kit

If you don’t already own any Arduino hardware, we highly recommend this kit as it has everything you need to start programming with Arduino. You can find out more about this kit, including a list of its components here: Elegoo Super Starter Kit

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The 0.96-inch Mini-OLED

We highly recommend this mini-OLED bundle of five 0.96-inch OLED displays. We have bought these before and they all worked perfectly. You can read more about the mini-OLED here: Mini-OLED

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