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We have plenty of guides to help you start learning new skills. Whether it’s coding with Python, Arduino programming, Linux, Ethical hacking, we have beginners guides to help you start learning something new today.

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Arduino is the perfect way to learn how to code. With Arduino, you will learn to control a wide range of sensors and components with the C++ coding language, and before you know it, you will have learnt the fundamental basics to your first coding language. Arduino can be a really great hobby for all ages.

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Getting Started with Arduino

A beginners guide to learning Arduino.

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Arduino Projects and Guides

Our complete list of Arduino projects and guides can be found here.

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Python is a great coding language that can be used for all sorts of applications. We have many guides on Python, whether you’re a beginner or just looking for your next project idea. 

python fundamentals

Learn Python in 20 Minutes

This is a quick guide which can be read in under 20 minutes. It explains the basic fundamentals of Python.

python crash course Rev2

Python Crash Course Rev.2

This guide is a crash course in Python. It dives into the concepts behind Python with plenty of coding examples for you to follow along with.

python crash course Rev3

Python Crash Course Rev.3

This is our third Crash Course on Python. It focuses more on the coding concepts behind Python with a short test at the end of each module.

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Python Projects and Guides

Our Complete list of Python projects and guides can be found here.

If you haven’t heard of the Raspberry Pi by now, where have you been? The first Raspberry Pi was released in 2006 taking the world by storm. It’s a fantastic credit card sized computer that can be programmed for all kinds of uses. We have the guides to help you get started learning the Raspberry Pi today.

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Raspberry Pi Projects and Guides

All of our Raspberry Pi projects and guides can be found here.

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Linux is a totally free alternative to Windows. Learn the basics of using Linux with our guides. Unsure about Linux?  or you just need to know more before making the change, we have guides on how to run Linux on your current Windows system.

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Linux Guides

All of our Linux guides can be found here.

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If you’re looking to get into Cybersecurity or just want to learn computer and network hacking, we have many guides for different hacking techniques.

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Hacking Guides

Learn hacking techniques with us. From hacking systems to hacking mobiles, we have it all.

Windows is the most popular operating system out there. We have some guides that will help you understand your system better. 

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