Getting Started with Arduino Guide

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The Basics of Arduino

The Getting Started with Arduino Guide has been written for beginner’s to easily grasp the coding concepts required to program their first Arduino projects. Arduino is by far the most fun way to learn how to code. Once you understand the basic concepts learnt here you will in fact not only know Arduino but also the basic fundamentals to the C++ coding language.

The Intergrated Development Environment (IDE)

The IDE is where you write all of your project code. As you dive deeper into Arduino you will also need to manage and install various libraries.

Introduction to Programming Arduino Boards

These are the basic fundamental coding concepts that will help you get started:

Arduino Boards Explained

A brief explanation of the different types of Arduino pins and how to use them:

Basic Components

Now we can start programming some of the most basic components:

Final Project

Finally, we are going to take everything we have learnt so far and put it all into one final project:

This was just the beginning of your journey with Arduino, we would love to hear what projects you work on in the future. Once you have finished this guide please don’t stop there, take a look at the rest of our guides and projects here Arduino


If you don’t already own any Arduino hardware, we highly recommend purchasing the Elegoo Super Starter Kit. This kit has everything you need to start programming with Arduino.

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