About Us

Where We Began

The Meganano website started out as the Nano Blog. I would blog about my study progress and project work. When I first tried learning code, I got very confused by these over complicated guides. Once I finally understood the main coding concepts, coding didn’t seem so intimidating anymore, so I began writing simple guides for the Nano blog in the hope to make coding concepts easily understandable for everyone. I first started writing guides for Arduino, and then later moved onto writing guides for Python. Eventually there were so many guides getting lost in the blog I decided it was time to create the Meganano website to make the guides more accessible.

Our Mission

Meganano was built to show everyone that you don’t need to be a genius to learn code. We teach Python and C++ basic fundamentals. We have since expanded our material to help others learn computer systems, cybersecurity, and even ethical hacking techniques too. 

Meganano Guides

Our guides are written to hopefully make computer and programming concepts as simple as possible.

Our guides mostly cover:

  • Programming Arduino microcontrollers.
  • C++ with Arduino.
  • Python fundamentals.
  • Raspberry Pi basics.
  • Linux operating systems.
  • Systems security.
  • Ethical hacking techniques.

As time goes on, we hope to expand our knowledge base and share even more exciting concepts and coding languages with you.


We share affiliate links to products that we have tested and used for our own projects. The products are all relevant to our teaching material and projects.


You will see some promoted material from companies such as Amazon. We do make a small profit from any sales or subscriptions made through the Meganano website which will help pay towards the websites hosting and future projects. 

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