Nano: Meet the Tiny Arduino Nano Board

Introducing the Arduino Nano

arduino nano board

The Arduino Nano is a popular microcontroller board that is part of the Arduino family of products. It is compact and designed for easy integration into various projects. The Arduino Nano typically uses an ATmega328P microcontroller, which is the same chip used in the Arduino Uno. It can also come with other microcontrollers, like the ATmega168 or ATmega328. Typically, an official Arduino Nano costs more than £20 but we have found these Elegoo boards to work amazingly. You can buy this bundle of three Nano boards from Amazon today here: Elegoo Nano

Key Features Include:


One of the defining features of the Nano is its small size, making it suitable for projects with space constraints. It’s often referred to as a “mini” Arduino.

I/O Pins:

The Nano comes with a variety of digital and analog pins, typically 14 digital pins and 8 analog pins, which can be used for interfacing with sensors, displays, and other external components.


The Nano usually operates at 5 volts, which is common in many electronics projects. Most versions also have a 3.3V option.

USB Connectivity:

It has a USB interface for programming and communication with a computer. You can easily program it using the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) via USB.

Power Supply:

The Nano can be powered through the USB connection or an external power supply (typically 7-12V). It has an onboard voltage regulator that ensures a stable 5V supply for the microcontroller.


Like other Arduino boards, you can write and upload code to the Arduino Nano using the Arduino IDE, which supports the C/C++ programming language.


Arduino Nano boards are compatible with a wide range of sensors, actuators, and shields, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from simple LED blinking projects to more complex robotics and IoT applications.


There are different variants of the Arduino Nano, such as the Nano 33 series, which includes features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT projects.


The Arduino Nano is a versatile and popular choice among hobbyists and makers due to its small size, ease of use, and compatibility with a vast ecosystem of libraries and components. It’s commonly used in projects involving robotics, automation, home automation, and more.


The Elegoo Super Starter Kit

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Elegoo Nano (Arduino Compatible)

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