Raspberry Pi Nature Camera 2021 Highlights

The Best Captures for 2021

Under the cover of darkness, the secret lives of our nocturnal neighbors come to life. In 2021, our Raspberry Pi night vision nature camera captured some truly enchanting moments. In the veil of night, hedgehogs tiptoed through the shadows. But they were not alone; feline shadows also graced our lens, offering glimpses into the mysterious escapades of our feline friends.

Join us on a journey through the moonlit world of 2021, where the stars of our story are the hedgehogs and cats who dance through the night.


This was a pretty busy night for our camera, which caught some great shots of our hedgehog friends.


Tonight was a pretty quiet night. But we managed to capture a solitary snail as it embarked on its slow and deliberate journey. Also, we see a spider’s delicate intricacies illuminated in exquisite detail, as it climbed over our camera’s lens.

It reminds us that even the tiniest of creatures have their own quiet adventures under the cloak of darkness.


On another remarkable occasion, our perseverance and dedication paid off. We achieved a milestone in our quest to document the enchanting world of night-dwelling creatures. With unwavering patience and a dash of luck, we managed to capture the closest, most intimate shot of a hedgehog ever recorded by our night vision camera. Every quill, every whisker, and every curious expression of this spiky visitor was revealed in vivid detail, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the life of this elusive creature.


As we bid farewell to the captivating snapshots of 2021, we are left with a gallery of memories that illuminate the beauty of the nocturnal world. From the endearing hedgehogs and the enigmatic cats to the unexpected encounters with snails and spiders. Each frame tells a story of resilience, curiosity, and the silent marvels that unfold when the world sleeps. Through the lens of our night vision camera, we have glimpsed into the secret lives of these creatures. We’ve come to appreciate the enchanting mysteries that thrive in the darkness.

As we look forward to new adventures in the year ahead, may these cherished moments remind us to cherish the treasures that nature bestows upon us, even under the cover of night.

Check out our YouTube!

For a more extensive look into the nocturnal adventures, we invite you to explore the full collection on our YouTube channel. There, you’ll find a treasure trove of enchanting encounters that will take you deeper into the heart of the nighttime wilderness.

If you want to know how you can make your own Nature camera, please read our guide here: Raspberry Pi Nature Camera Project


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