The Evil Limiter: Analyze and Limit Bandwidth

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What is the Evil Limiter?

The Evil Limiter is a powerful network tool created by bitbrute. It can slowdown any or all device’s on a network. Maybe you want to limit your kids access to the internet after a certain time, this tool will certainly do that. Or maybe you want to wind up your spouse or siblings, this tool can certainly do that. This is an ethical hacking guide about the Evil Limiter. This guide is for educational purposes only and should not be used for criminal activity of any kind whatsoever.

Stay on the right side of the law guys!

How to Install the Evil Limiter

Open your terminal and enter commands below:

git clone
cd evillimiter
sudo python3 install

Now its installed let’s have some fun…

The Basic Commands are as follows:

To navigate to its directory:
cd evillimiter
To start the program:
sudo evillimiter
For the main help menu:
To scan for hosts:
To view any scanned hosts found:

Attack Commands are as follows:

Once hosts have been found select one or more targets then decide how much bandwidth they should receive.

For a total lockdown on chosen devices:
To release lockdown:

Press ctrl + c to cleanup and restart.


The Evil Limiter is a versatile tool with the power to both entertain and potentially be misused. Its applications range from light-hearted pranks to parental control, where it can help set internet access limits for children. However, it’s essential to remember that, like many tools, it can be employed for malicious purposes, disrupting network access and causing inconvenience. Therefore, whether you’re using it for fun or practical reasons, always exercise responsibility and respect for others’ online experiences to ensure that the Evil Limiter remains a tool for amusement and management rather than causing harm.”

Happy Hacking Folks!

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