Automated Hacking Tools for Hackers

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What are Automated Hacking Tools?

Automated hacking tools, also known as hacking scripts or cyberattack automation tools, are software programs or scripts designed to assist cybercriminals and hackers in carrying out various malicious activities in an automated fashion. These tools are often used to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or applications for unauthorized access, data theft, or other malicious purposes. They also have their purpose in the Ethical Hacking world.

Here’s a brief overview of some common types of automated hacking tools:


These tools automatically scan networks or websites for vulnerabilities, open ports, or weak configurations. They help hackers identify potential entry points into a target system.

Exploit Frameworks:

Exploit frameworks contain pre-written code and modules that automate the exploitation of known vulnerabilities in software or systems. Hackers can use these frameworks to gain unauthorized access to a target.

Password Crackers:

These tools automate the process of guessing or cracking passwords, making it easier to gain access to protected accounts or systems. Common techniques include dictionary attacks and brute-force attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Tools:

DDoS tools automate the process of flooding a target server or network with a massive volume of traffic, causing it to become overwhelmed and unavailable to legitimate users.


Keyloggers are used to secretly record keystrokes on a compromised system. They can capture sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.

Phishing Kits:

Phishing kits automate the creation of fake websites or emails designed to deceive users into revealing their personal information, such as login credentials or financial details.

Payload Generators:

These tools automate the creation of malicious payloads, such as viruses or malware, that can be used to compromise target systems when executed.

Proxy Tools:

Proxy tools automate the process of anonymizing network traffic, making it harder for investigators to trace the source of an attack back to the hacker.

SQL Injection Tools:

SQL injection tools automate the process of injecting malicious SQL queries into web applications to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to databases.

Packet Sniffers:

Packet sniffers automate the capture and analysis of network traffic, allowing hackers to intercept sensitive data transmitted over a network.

List of Automated Hacking Tools

This list was extracted from my CompTIA Security+ course notes. Some tools are now deprecated so research the tool before wasting any time.

  • BKhive (to decrypt sam database)
  • Cain & Abel
  • KerbSniff
  • KerbCrack
  • Auditpool (to disable auditing)
  • elsave.exe (to wipe event logs)
  • WinZapper (to wipe event logs)
  • llShack.exe (to cause buffer overflow (Old))
  • N-Stalker Scanner X (scans web app vulnerabilities)
  • NTOSpider (copies website data for offline work)
  • HTTrack (copies website data for offline work)
  • Paros Proxy (assesses website vulnerabilities and allows changes to be made to the site)
  • Burp Proxy (intercepts data before it reaches server allowing for changes to be made)
  • CookieSpy (Change cookie data)
  • Acunetix (webscanner Premium & best)
  • OWASP Web Scarab (app vulnerability testing)
  • Samurau (Web testing (Linux))
  • SQLScan (MSSQL server discovery tool)
  • Kismet (network War-driving scanner)
  • NetStumbler (network War-driving scanner)
  • EliteWrap (for wrapping a Virus/Program)
  • Graffiti (is a harmless ecard that can be used for wrapping a Virus/Program)
  • Lazagne (password finder)
  • Empire
  • Simple Hasher (hash text)
  • Zenmap (nmap for windows with a GUI)
  • OWASP ZAP (like Paros Proxy)
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (assesses security)
  • Wireshark (network sniffer)
  • psexec utility
  • Visual Code Grepper (scans code for vulnerabilities)
  • Simple Salter (for salting hashes)
  • Phoneinfoga (gather data on phone numbers)
  • Rust Map (faster than nmap)
  • ROT13 (simple substitution cipher)
  • Simple Hasher 2
  • Recuva Utility (recover deleted data)
  • Diskcrypter (encrypt disks)
  • Steghide (Steganography)
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It’s important to note that the use of these tools for malicious purposes is illegal and unethical. Ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals use similar tools for legitimate purposes, such as identifying and patching vulnerabilities to improve security. It’s crucial to stay informed about cybersecurity threats and defenses to protect against potential attacks.

Happy Hacking Folks!

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