Arduino Christmas Project 2023

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Jingle All the Way!

Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than with our Arduino Christmas Project? Imagine a world where your home itself becomes a cheerful, musical host, greeting friends and family with the sweet sound of jingle bells as they step onto your doorstep or wander through your holiday-decorated halls.

In this enchanting Arduino project, we’ve combined the magic of Christmas and the power of technology to create an unforgettable experience for your loved ones. Our “Jingle Bell Greeting” uses a PIR sensor, Arduino, and a buzzer to turn your space into a winter wonderland filled with the spirit of the season.

Components for this Project:

  • Arduino
  • PIR Sensor Module
  • Buzzer
The Code:
  Arduino Christmas Song
  Based on a project and code  by Dipto Pratyaksa

  Modified for Christmas 2023 by Meganano,  on Dec 15, 2023.
#include "pitches.h"

#define melodyPin 3
#define pirPin 7
int pirVal;

// Jingle Bells
int melody[] = {

int tempo[]  = {
  8, 8, 4,
  8, 8, 4,
  8, 8, 8, 8,
  8, 8, 8, 8,
  8,  8, 8, 16, 16,
  8, 8, 8, 8,
  4, 4

void setup(void) {
  pinMode(melodyPin, OUTPUT); // Buzzer
  pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);    // Sensor Pin

void sing() {
  // iterate over the  notes of the melody:
  Serial.println(" 'Jingle  Bells'");
  int size = sizeof(melody) / sizeof(int);
  for (int thisNote  = 0; thisNote < size; thisNote++) {
    int noteDuration = 1000 / tempo[thisNote];
    buzz(melodyPin, melody[thisNote], noteDuration);
    int pauseBetweenNotes = noteDuration * 1.30;
    // stop the tone playing:
    buzz(melodyPin, 0, noteDuration);

void buzz(int targetPin, long frequency, long length) {
  long delayValue = 1000000 / frequency / 2; // calculate  the delay value between transitions
  long numCycles = frequency * length / 1000; // calculate the  number of cycles for proper timing
  for (long i = 0; i < numCycles; i++) { // for the calculated  length of time...
    digitalWrite(targetPin, HIGH); // write the buzzer pin  high to push out the diaphram
    delayMicroseconds(delayValue); // wait for  the calculated delay value
    digitalWrite(targetPin, LOW); // write the buzzer  pin low to pull back the diaphram
    delayMicroseconds(delayValue); // wait  again or the calculated delay value

void  loop() {
  Serial.print("PIR Reading: ");
  if (pirVal == 1){
The Circuit:
Christmas 2023 Jingles Circuit Diagram
Upload the Code:

Once your circuit is built, go ahead and upload the code. After the code finishes uploading, wave your hand in front of the PIR sensor and Jingle Bells should start playing.


As our “Jingle All the Way” Project comes to a close, we hope you’re now equipped with the tools to bring joy, wonder, and the spirit of Christmas into your home. This project has showcased the enchanting blend of technology and tradition, where the sound of jingle bells and the warmth of the season merge seamlessly.

In your hands, you hold not just wires and components, but the power to create lasting memories. Every time a friend or family member hears those familiar jingles, they’ll be reminded of the magical welcome they received at your doorstep or the cozy ambiance of your festively adorned home.

Merry Christmas Folks!


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